Factor Polynomials App Reviews

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If only I could get that dollar back.


This app is less than useless. It gives wrong answers. I want my money back.

Polynomials App

App gives wrong answers, waste of money


This is dumb

Awesome app

Really helpful when doing homework and I am too lazy to factor, also the spanish rate this app is a nice way to trick people into pressing the wrong button


Works great but how do you do a negative number I click on the button and it won't go in as a negative?! Help please

Saves sooooo much time

This will help with my algebra homework a lot


Love it! So helpful! BUY!!!


Awesome app so helpful


Great App. Easy to use. Accurate. Does what it says it does and does it good.

Good app

Easy to use. Big time saver.

Greatest ever

Woo hoo

Great App!

I love this app, it's useful in math and helps me all the time! Make more!

This game...

Love this! Makes checking math so much easier!

Great tool

This is a handy tool!

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